Link Property Development and Management Limited, trading as Link Developments, has positioned itself as a construction and property development leader, since being incorporated in March 2015.

With a multi-million annual turnover and 200-strong workforce, Link Developments has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative development and construction partners. Link Developments is valued throughout the construction industry and civil engineering sector, with a track record of delivering key projects consistently to pre-set parameters.

Link Developments benefits from the extensive experience brought together by the key personnel in the management and design team. This experience is allied with a strong infrastructure background, and the unique benefits of the group’s civil engineering and groundworks business’s which positions the company as a future world class organisation, trusted to plan and execute projects of many different scales and sizes.

Everything we do is built on our unswerving commitment to delivering excellence to our clients. Our clients therefore benefit from our experience, expertise and integrity, allied with a financial and business acumen which ensures your project is delivered and managed professionally. The business we’ve built and the work we have completed for our clients has earned us an unrivalled reputation among our developer clients.

We have identified and delivered improved cost and value for our clients while ensuring that we have maintained the highest standards of delivery across the areas of Health and Safety, Environmental Management, Quality Assurance and Corporate Responsibility.

To achieve the position of a leading sector specialist, we have refined our performance further to secure increased efficiency and productivity. This has been possible largely thanks to the commitment, quality and performance of our highly trained and experienced staff; our forward thinking clients; and our motivated supply chain partners in addition to the other group companies.

The business prides itself on being a ‘learning organisation’ and this philosophy and willingness to change use of modern technologies and construction methodologies has helped us to improve our best practices, knowledge base, business processes and our operational effectiveness.

We have been fortunate enough to work in collaborative relationships and delivery programmes with clients. These relationships have allowed us to refine our approach to design and delivery processes, utilising collaborative techniques for design development and supply chain configuration, while also improving project team integration and planning.

Corporate responsibility is high on our agenda. We pride ourselves on our commitment to attracting and retaining young people pursuing a career in our sector, and volunteering our time and skills to those who need it most, thereby supporting the needs of the construction community.

We have a specific Code of Practice that each one of our employees understands and works towards so that we are consistently applying the extra effort our clients have come to expect and rely on. Our staff are highly motivated, well-trained and very experienced; with one simple goal in mind – to be the best. Some have been with us since day one; others have joined from complementary blue-chip businesses across the construction industry and beyond. Against a background of strong leadership and a sense of loyalty, this combination of expertise and commitment to our clients is a powerful driving force.

Ongoing monitoring and analysis of our construction processes and our attention to health and safety have left us with a very low accident and incidents rate. From this unusually low baseline we have been presented with an opportunity for continuing improvement and learning through the analysis and evaluation of trends, utilising the SWOT method as a baseline. Visible leadership and the right tone at the top has enabled us to develop a strong culture of transparency and trust and an environment in which all levels of our workforce can feel comfortable speaking up about issues that concern them, as well as pointing out potential areas for improvement.

Our commitment to quality remains a top priority, and the Link Developments quality management system spans all phases of the project lifecycle, from preliminary feasibility analysis and concept development through to construction on site and final commissioning of the project.

Our dedication to health and safety is underpinned by our OHSAS 18001 accreditation, which focuses heavily on excellence in systems and processes but is augmented ny a clear focus on the health and welfare of all our personnel, and anyone who could be affected by our working methods and procedures.

We are also accredited with internationally-recognised environmental management system ISO 14001. This shows our corporate policy commitment to our clients and supply chain, and we use this system to benchmark others before any contract award is completed, ensuring its principles are adhered to in all work we undertake.

We are working towards two founding principles of environmental and health and safety. They are:

1.) A carbon neutral status; and in doing so are raising awareness of the need to achieve and continually sustain environmental best practice both at home and in the workplace.

2.) A zero harm philosophy for all our projects; where our staff and workers feel appreciated and realise that the company has their safety as a main consideration.

Using natural materials from fully sustainable and renewable sources continues to be a key area of focus for our business.

We are continually driving to achieve high levels of efficiency and productivity. This attention to detail and commitment manifests itself further when we have the ability to accept a significant number of our projects as fixed price design & build contracts. This is, of course, where Link Developments takes on the overall risk of us achieving a profit or not, at no detriment to the Client. We believe our knowledge and experience differentiates us from some other primary contractors by giving certainty to our clients, as we understand the principles of ‘Managing’ and equally importantly the ‘Doing’.

The challenges faced by having to be efficient and effective to stay competitive in our marketplace have led us to now focus on management systems, tools and processes across our business to optimise our performance. Whilst still remaining flexible enough with a forward-thinking management structure, allowing us to keep evolving to fill this challenging niche in the market.


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