Our Values

At Link Developments, we place the highest importance on our company culture. That means that every member of our work force, no matter how junior or senior, is committed to our Values. While continually striving for excellence, we have also put in place the same Values and commitment as a family business. That means a personalised customer service which focuses on making our clients feel valued and involved, by providing them with world class expertise, as well as meeting their needs attentively at all levels of a project.

Our Values can be pinpointed by the following elements – People, Honesty and Excellence.


We place the highest level of importance on our relationships with all people, be they clients or our supply chain, and this extends to all levels. Our people first approach relates to any enquiry, and means that we are empathetic to the problems which our clients are faced with, and committed to solving them as a team. Internally, we are determined to respect and value cultural diversity and equality in all we do. We recognise the importance of developing our work force, and our wide-ranging training programme is evidence of our commitment to our ongoing investment in our people.


If there is one trait which we wish to be recognised for at Link Developments – it is our honesty. We believe our clients appreciate that we are “Straight Down the Line” – being open and frank in all our dealings. We promote transparency in every element of the work which we do, irrespective of the size and complexity of a project. We find that with honesty running throughout our organisation, problem solving becomes simpler, allowing us to execute complex projects more efficiently.


We continually challenge ourselves to achieve excellence on a daily basis, from the quality of the finish we deliver, to our seamless project management. Our accreditation is an important aspect of demonstrating the highest standards in our work, and Link Developments can show how we reach the benchmark in areas such as environmental sustainability, health and safety, and social responsibility. When it comes to personnel, every member of the Link Developments team is qualified to conduct their role at the highest level.


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