What makes link developments different?

We believe that there are many unique factors that make us stand out ahead of competing organisations in our market sector:

We do not relate our success directly to margin percentage. We have built a strong brand by basing our business around delivering construction solutions better than the competition.

Our innovative bidding approach drives real savings in both prime cost and programme time, and allows us to retain an edge over competitors. We are also committed to eliminating waste as much as possible throughout our business, making a positive impact on the bottom line. Assisting us to minimise our carbon footprint and enhancing our environmental credentials.

Our brand is based on substance over high pressure marketing – we can offer clients measurable ways of assessing our performance, and we are always ready to provide real evidence of our innovation.

We believe the secret to fruitful long-term relationships is a commitment to offering better service which is real value for money to our clients, rather than concentrating on margins, like our competitors.

Internally, we are set up to consider client benefits in every sector, and every facet in our range of offerings. This is then geared to be completely client focused, and after giving our clients a bespoke service, we hope to attract new and repeat business.

Our supply chain benefit from our commitment to innovation, and see working and evolving with us as a continual learning process which can benefit their own construction methods.

While being openly innovative, we are fiercely determined to protect our intellectual property for the good of our business, as well as for our clients’ piece of mind.

We attract the best consultants in the industry to work with us, as they recognise our innovative approach and focus on building long-lasting partnerships. They appreciate our monitoring procedures, as it allows them to maintain a high level of Quality Assurance, which benefits then in their dealings with other sources of business.

Our supply chain and partner network is unmatched, and crucial to providing complete turnkey solutions. We are able to draw on knowledge and expertise from across a wide range of influential individuals and organisations if necessary, passing on the benefits of this network to our clients.

We stay lean and mean and enjoy embracing new technological and innovative strategic developments such as cloud-based IT infrastructures, to ensure our on and off site facilities are served by the best technological services possible, also ensuring that overheads do not hold us back as an organisation.

We have faith in ourselves and the construction industry as a whole, and we are continually investing at a time when many of our competitors have diversified out of the industry and moved into neighbouring sectors, such as support services. This investment takes the form of our continual staff training and development, demonstrating our belief that our work force is our most important asset.


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